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Does not protect the shot blasting machine, quality at best, easily broken

Shot blasting machine is now the industry's manufacturers a tools, it can be cost savings for manufacturers, for what? Because it as a parts cleaning machine, can effectively protect components, avoid parts wear, or dirty particles on it, leading to operation is not smooth and so on, which makes industrial parts and other industrial tools last longer.

However, the other parts, shot blasting machine does not give your cleaning. Life, everyone wants to buy a durable type of shot blasting machine, however, despite the good quality, if people do not care, then it is a good tool is wrong. Thus, when we use the shot blasting machine, pay attention to protective measures, then how can we do it?

General situation Xia, on cleanup machine of protection work actually is is simple of, we can first from details Shang said up, for example each using finished machine need power source of when, we not should immediately power, first is let machine stopped down zhihou, slightly, 15 minutes, let operation long has of machine bulk thermal, again total switch broken off, or for machine for, long-term such using is easy bad off. Second, every time you run out of shot blasting machine, the dust should be cleaned to avoid blasting machine when cleaning the other parts, dust, particles, and so with the wear of parts, parts clean is not good since, for two tools will shorten the service life.

A good shot blasting machines and people in need of a good care of it, then to live longer, so when we buy shot blasting machine, in addition to selecting good quality after use should also be protected.

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