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Good helper for cleaning workpieces dirt

Now, how to effectively clean up the dirt on the surface of the workpiece and promote the orderly conduct of the work of the workpiece as the major machinery accessories company one of the big problems. Facing this problem, shot blasting machine brings the pleasure of many companies by surprise.

When it comes to use of shot blasting machines, in addition to clean stubborn dirt on the surface of the workpiece, but also can effectively improve the function of their fatigue and corrosion, and correction of the distorted parts properly, allowing parts to return to normal work. As an important branch of shot blasting machines, roller type shot blasting machine is suitable for cleaning all kinds of rugged no reminders of the casting, forging, at this stage, in order to quickly and effectively clean the workpiece surface residual impurities, many small selection of the heat treatment shop good quality roller-type shot blasting machine with high durability.

By rollers, separator, blast equipment, hoists, gear motors and other components of the structure of drum-type shot blasting machine is not as complicated as other machines, but in the dirt of the workpiece is of no small value in the work. In order to reduce the construction cost of Foundation pit and its special form of the bottomless pit operations, sophisticated design, and simple to use, easy maintenance. In order to improve the speed of cleaned workpiece, satisfactory results, drum-type shot blasting machine using high toss cantilever centrifugal impeller of shot velocity, greatly reducing the operator's work.

Drum blast cleaning machines have a variety of modes of transmission, such as gears, belt drive and chain drive. Three drive modes according to different environments to clean up. Their different characteristics, each have their own advantages in the use, it is such a convenient, make drum-type shot blasting machine successfully become a good helper for cleaning workpieces dirt.

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