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Roller Bed Conveyor Type Shot Blasting Equipment

Product Detail

Basic Info
  • Machine Type:Abrator

  • Clean Type:Clean-In-Place (CIP)

  • Cleaning Process:Shot Cleaning

Product Description
QG0206 Roller Bed Conveyor type shot blast equipment can clean the oxide coating of the steel surface with steel shots, so it obtain the shiny surface with some roughness. It improves the quality of welding and painting, instead of artificial or chemical processing method, which has high mechanization degree to reduce the labor intensity of the workers.
Enterprise: Steel, shipbuilding, container, boiler, automobile, engineering machinery, Bridges
Main structure and working principle
Main structure

Cleaning room, impeller head, conveying roller bed, elevator, separator, helical conveying machine, supplying steel shots system, air control system, dedusting system, electric control system, base etc.

Working principle
The work pieces cleaned will be conveyed into blast chamber through conveying roller bed, then the eight sets high-speed impeller head will speed up the steel shots, and through different angles to throw the surface of work pieces, the oxide-scale and rust on the surface will be cleaned up.
The cleaned work pieces will be send out from cleaning room through roller bed. After cleaning the work pieces, the steel shots will fall into the lateral helical conveyor, then conveying to the longitudinal helical conveyor, to the bottom of the elevator, then lifted to the separator. The separator will separate the steel shots and rust.
The qualified steel shots will go from the upper helical conveyor to the shots storage bucket. Excess steel shots can be conveyed to the cleaning room to recycle. The sundries will be in to the waste box through dedusting system.
The cleared work pieces will be conveyed to the end of the discharge through the conveying roller bed. There is a exit helical conveyor, it can load the work pieces.

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