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Shot blasting cleaning Chamber design

Clean rooms are a core part of shot blasting machine, he will directly affect the life of shot blasting machine!

1. When designing a room, according to indicators such as shape, length, select the appropriate seal, preventing sand fly, guarantee the service life of the seal.

2. When designing a room, if there are no special requirements, profiles as possible outside the Chamber, in order to facilitate the laying of boards.

3. when laying the boards, in a Chamber split, trim ends off a decent 100mm and then laying another piece of trim on top, after installing paving.

4. blast wheel openings, should be designed to shield cover to throwing plates, avoid the projectile into the clearance between the impeller and Chamber.

5. body guard M16 bolts, top and side boards according to the actual situation in ejection increase the number of bolts, but cannot exceed 4/block, and bevel at the bottom part of the shield may be appropriate to reduce the number of bolts, generally 2/block is appropriate.

6. body guard dimensions can not be too large, for maintenance, nor too small, resulting in increase in production costs, is adopted wear-resisting standard for 400*400mm, ZGMn13 castings of cast iron plates, rolling Mn12, 65Mn, trim control in 400-800mm.

7. in order to ensure smooth for pills, when you install the impeller with angle, throwing when impeller flow tubes installed high-end here, when the impeller Chamber below, throwing pill tube installed all of the low-end, all design rooms shall not be less than 35 degrees.

8. the roller-type shot blasting machine sealed from top to bottom on both sides of the rubber plate seal at both ends, avoids elastic rubber sheets and interference effects in and out of the workpiece.

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