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Shot blasting machine design

Shot blasting people in the industry know, shot blasting machine technician technical capacity will directly affect the quality of shot blasting machines, as a technologist, after nearly ten years of design practice. I think design has the following:

Is a serialized product from the split to change, then not be able to copy, such as shot blasting machine screw to change the pipe wall thickness according to length, hoist based on reducer lifting height change power.

Second plate strength calculations of the various components, it is important, if the intensity of steel profiles, told blast cleaning machine during operation, very easy to create the room shaking and so on, of course, it is dangerous.

Three projection is the simulation, which is the most important, choices will directly affect the projection effect of the projection angle, a good designer will choose different projection angles according to different workpiece. You can even use Visual projection simulation Solidworks, which well ensures good projection effects, makes the projectile use much more efficient!

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