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The advantages of shot blasting machines at low temperature

Compared with the normal shot blasting machine, low shot blasting machine is small, does not damage the surface, more uniform, but because they need refrigeration, cost is very high. choice surface treatment equipment enterprises according to their own circumstances.

Frozen throwing pills machine full called automatically Jet type frozen throwing pills machine, frozen throwing pills theory up stems from Shang century 70 generation Europe, Hou was Japan Showa carbon acid Corporation invention improved the equipment main for alternative manual on rubber molded pieces, and precision injection and the pressure casting products for throwing pills processing, this class equipment polymer material, in different of temperature Xia will in different of phase, and from phase of angle,, material also just mechanical State of changes, dang material in low temperature conditions Xia Shi State occurred change, dang reply to at room temperature conditions Xia Shi , The performance will be restored.

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