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Performance Advantages Of Road Shot Blasting Machine


Road shot blasting machine in the construction process, the impact of steel shot when the impact is not too much, after the construction of the work surface is also good looking. The working principle is through the mechanical method of the pill (steel balls or sand) at a high speed and a certain angle to the work surface, Road Shot Blasting Machine so that the pill impact the working surface, and then through the machine through the matching vacuum cleaner Cleaning effect, the pill and clean up the impurities were recovered, and the pellets can be reused. The machine is equipped with a dust collector, so that clean, non-polluting construction, both to improve efficiency, but also to protect the environment.

Road shot blasting machine working conditions:

1, the face roughness 20mm; no water and relatively dry; slope 25 °

2, the ambient temperature: -20 ℃ ~ 60 ℃; steel plate surface temperature is greater than the dew point of 3 ℃ or more

3, humidity: a, steel surface shot when the relative humidity is not greater than 90%

B, the relative humidity of concrete shot blasting is not greater than 95%

4, elevation: 0 ~ 3000m; Road Shot Blasting Machine not in the rain and snow weather operation

Road shot blasting machine efficiency:

Cement surface work efficiency: 200-400 square meters / hour

Working on steel plate: steel plate grade SA 2.5 to SA3, speed: SA2.5 about 4 m / min; SA3 approx. 3 m / min, per hour Treatment area: SA2.5 grade, approx. 75-100 m 2 / h.

Road shot blasting machine performance advantages:

Shot blasting process can be a concrete surface of the floating slurry, impurities clean and clean, the most important thing is in the concrete surface of the hair processing at the same time, so that the surface uniform and rough, greatly improve the waterproof layer and concrete base layer bonding strength The And in this process, Road Shot Blasting Machine the shot blasting process can also fully expose the cracks in concrete and other diseases in order to take remedial measures in advance.

Shot blasting equipment is widely used to improve the roughness of the asphalt pavement and friction coefficient, thereby enhancing the adhesion of the road to ensure the safety of traffic. Road Shot Blasting Machine At the same time can also remove the asphalt pavement attachments (such as fuel, oil, etc.).

Road shot blasting machine used in the following areas:

1, asphalt concrete cover construction, the use of shot blasting process for the surface of the pretreatment can ensure that the road clean, while increasing the surface roughness, so that the overlay layer and the original road surface to strengthen the structure of the durability greatly increased;

2, the slurry layer and the use of resin cover when the first shot blasting can greatly improve the resin cover and the original layer of the bonding strength, so that the quality of slurry seal layer, the road life extension.

3, shot blasting process can be used directly on the asphalt pavement, Road Shot Blasting Machine for example, in the curved section of the surface to improve the anti-skid performance. Can directly remove the surface of the asphalt pavement oil to improve the anti-skid performance caused by the reduction of oil. After the shot blasting process, the asphalt surface not only cleans the various surface attachments, but also increases the roughness of the asphalt surface and improves the performance of the asphalt pavement. And the equipment construction is simple and convenient, flexible maneuver.

4, shot blasting process can also be applied to remove the mark line.

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