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Crawler-type Shot Blasting Machine Has A Higher Productivity

Crawler type shot blasting machine is a small cleaning equipment, Crawler Shot Blasting Machine mainly by the cleaning room, shot blasting machine assembly, hoist, separator, electrical system and other components.

How it works: In the cleaning room to join the provisions of the number of parts, the machine starts, the shot blasting machine shot at high speed to form a ball shot bundle, evenly hit the surface of the workpiece, so as to achieve clean, strengthen the purpose. Throw the projectile and sand, into the hoist, Crawler Shot Blasting Machine by the hoist to the separator to separate. Dust from the fan suction to the filter in the filter, clean air into the atmosphere, the dust on the bag by mechanical vibration into the dust collector at the bottom of the dust box, the user can regularly remove, waste sand from the waste pipe out, the user Reusable. Marbled mixture recovered from the re-entry into the room, to be separated after the separation of the separator, Crawler Shot Blasting Machine clean pellets from the electromagnetic valve into the shot blasting machine throwing the workpiece.

The Use and Characteristics of Crawler Shot Blasting Machine

The machine is the use of high-speed rotation of the impeller, the projectile will be rolled into the roller continuously flip on the workpiece, to clean up the purpose. It is suitable for use in various industries in the small castings, forgings, stamping parts, gears, springs and other pieces of sand, rust, remove the scale and surface strengthening, especially for fear of collision parts cleaning and strengthening.

(Note: The machine can not clean the high temperature parts, with flash burrs, otherwise it will damage the track.)

Crawler-type shot blasting machine is a comprehensive domestic and foreign technology, Crawler Shot Blasting Machine design and development of new products, is a clean effect, compact structure, low noise, complete sets of good cleaning equipment, has the following characteristics:

Crawler type shot blasting machine adopts SQ034 cantilever centrifugal shot blasting machine, the blasting machine has the characteristics of long service life, simple structure and low failure rate;

Crawler type shot blasting machine adopts wind-type separator, has a good separation effect and high productivity, Crawler Shot Blasting Machine to improve the life of the blade have a better effect;

Crawler type shot blasting machine with bag filter, dust emission concentration is lower than the national standard, improve the workers' labor environment;

Crawler-type shot blasting machine with wear-resistant rubber track, reducing the impact of the workpiece, damage, reducing the noise of the machine;

Crawler shot blasting machine after the clean-up of the workpiece, Crawler Shot Blasting Machine the track can be automatically reversed unloading, reducing the labor intensity of workers.

Main Structure and Working Principle of Track Shot Blasting Machine

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