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Operation Procedure Of Hook And Shot Blasting Machine

Hook shot blasting machine suitable for casting, construction, chemical, electrical, machine tools and other industries, small cast, forging surface cleaning or strengthening treatment. Particularly suitable for multi-species, small quantities of castings, forgings and steel structures for surface cleaning and shot peening to remove the surface of the workpiece a small amount of sticky sand, sand core and oxide; Hanger Shot Blasting Machine also suitable for heat treatment of the surface cleaning and strengthening ; Especially suitable for the collision should not be slender, thin-walled pieces of clean-up.

Hook shot blasting machine is widely used in machinery manufacturing, engineering machinery, mining machinery, pressure vessels, automobiles, ships and other industries, Hanger Shot Blasting Machine used to improve the appearance of its product parts quality and surface process status.

Hook shot blasting machine features

1. The machine uses no pit structure, easy installation, reduce investment costs;

2. Compact structure, high efficiency, clean up good quality, Hanger Shot Blasting Machine safe and reliable work, smooth operation;

3. Clean room with high chromium steel, wear-resistant impact, good strength;

4. Double hook structure, independent of each other, do not affect each other, Hanger Shot Blasting Machine improve production efficiency, the workpiece does not exist after the dark side;

5. Secondary dust (cyclone dust, bag filter), suction capacity, dust filter clean, air emissions in line with environmental standards;

6. Rigorous assembly, high - quality bearings, motor running noise at the end;

Operation procedure of hook and shot blasting machine

First, shot blasting machine before work:

 1) Check the "shift record".

 2) before the operation to check the protective plate, rubber curtains, rollers and other wearing parts wear and tear, timely replacement.

 3) check the movement of the parts with the bolt connection is loose, timely tightening.

 4) check whether there are debris into the machine, Hanger Shot Blasting Machine in a timely manner to prevent the blockage of the transmission caused by equipment failure.

 5) Check whether the lubrication of all parts meet the requirements.

 6) before starting the room to confirm that no one in the room, and the maintenance door has been closed when reliable, ready to start. Start the machine before the signal to make the machine near the staff to leave.

7) to operate correctly according to the operating procedures.

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