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Application Of Steel Shot Blasting Machine In Ship


   In the ship industry, the shot blasting machine used in the steel plate pretreatment, the role is to remove the oxide layer and rust on the steel plate, re-coating, to provide the adhesion of steel coating paint.

The large size of the ship plate has led to the trend of large-scale use of the board. Foreign generally use the width of 3.5-4.5 meters of steel, or even more than 4.5 meters of steel. In terms of length, the longest length of foreign steel enterprises up to 22-24 meters, part of the 26 meters.

   Steel shot blasting machine was first used for casting, forging parts such as sticky sand and oxide removal. Mainly the use of high-speed rotation of the impeller to throw out the mortar out of high-speed hit the surface of the surface to meet the requirements of the surface treatment of the general rate of 50 ~ l00nds.


    The ship plate coating corrosion resistance and service life have a higher demand to ensure the safety of the hull structure. With the introduction of the new specification of the international ballast tank coating, the shipboard coating requirements and standards are clearly included in the classification. New shipbuilding coating and coating construction quality control has a more stringent and clear guidelines, so the shot blasting machine in the treatment of steel plate strength to solve some technical problems, which involves the shot blasting speed, quality and other technical details, The need for engineers involved in a more reasonable shot blasting machine structure, shot blasting machine in order to meet the development needs of engineers in the continuous reform of the construction of shot blasting machine, so that the maximum degree of use for each industry effective use of shot blasting machine.

    One of the roller through the type of shot blasting machine in the ship, high-speed rail construction, chemical machinery play a great role, the shot blasting machine attached to the plane roller; speed for the variable frequency control, load 1000Kg per meter. Note: The total length of the roller table is 37.5 meters and the roller spacing is 800mm -1000mm.

    Driving device Roller drive using flexible angle drive, by the planetary reducer transmission device to obtain the required speed, driven roller on the cleaning of the workpiece, driven by the chain sprocket through the chain drag continuously along the track.

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