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Blasting Machine Accessories Affect The Quality Of Their Work!


A machine itself wants to get a normal operation, where the various parts of the accessories with is essential. I remember Comrade Lei Feng said, would rather do a screw, so this sentence is still being spread. Screws seem insignificant, but in fact grasp the lifeblood of the whole machine, if it strikes, the machine can only be forced to rest. Similarly, as a manager of your sandblasting machine want to work every day of normal operation, to maintain a high efficiency, you must in the sandblasting machine parts selection and maintenance efforts.

First, choose the right blasting machine accessories

Because different types of sandblasting machine requirements for the different parts, so you must first have to do the choice, according to the model to find accessories, this is the most correct. Second, spare parts are also good or bad points, the most direct performance is the quality of good or bad, it is recommended to choose good quality, because their service life of the blasting machine itself life.

Second, maintenance work can not be ignored

The work of the sandblasting machine itself is related to cleaning, it has a powerful function is dust, the workpiece inside and outside the dust removed clean. In this process, it itself will attract dust, so the regular maintenance work can not be ignored. Moreover, regular maintenance, inspection can be found in a timely manner, in a timely manner to solve the problem, for the normal work escort.

In general, the main value of the sandblasting machine is the use of the effect of sandblasting machine use the main effect of abrasive decision, choose the effect of different abrasives is different, if you want the effect is better, you can choose metal abrasive, the effect General can choose resin abrasive. Choose sandblasting machine also need to consider dry spray and wet spray factors.

Second, we have to take into account the Yuchuan machinery after-sales service, good after-sales service will give us a lot of unnecessary trouble. When we choose sandblasting equipment, we should take into account the dealer's understanding of professional knowledge and experience is sufficient, a good dealer can provide us with effective guidance and after-sales service.


Qingdao Yichuan Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. sandblasting machine advantages:

1. Blasting machine metal parts of the basic without damage, dimensional accuracy will not change;

2. The surface of the parts is not contaminated and the abrasive will not react chemically with the part material.

3. Sandblasting machine can easily handle the groove, concave and other difficult to contact the site, a variety of granular abrasive can choose to use;

4. Significant reduction in processing costs, mainly in the blasting machine to improve the efficiency of work to meet a variety of surface finishing requirements;

5. Low energy consumption, cost savings;

6. Sandblasting machine does not pollute the environment, eliminating the cost of environmental management

First, the choice of sandblasting effect:

In general, the sandblasting effect is mainly determined by the sandblasting medium (abrasive), ranging from the effect of strong metal abrasive to the effect of soft resin abrasive, while dry spray and wet spray is also a key consideration factors, customers can carry the workpiece test Like to determine.

Second, the production efficiency to determine the type of equipment:

According to the processing capacity to choose automatic sandblasting production line, semi-automatic sandblasting equipment, pressure sandblasting machine, general pressure sandblasting machine.

Third, the workpiece size to determine the equipment specifications:

Select the cabin size according to the size of the workpiece so that there is enough space to complete the processing.

Fourth, compressed air requirements:

According to equipment specifications to determine the air compressor capacity, and stay 20% margin to protect the air compressor service life.

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