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Code For Design Of Separator Of Shot Blasting Machines

Separator is a key part of shot blasting machine cycle. It will directly affect blast cleaning the surface finish of the parts. In the design should follow the following rules:

1, separator designs try to move closer to the serialization of products, in order to reduce the error rate.

2, screw axis is made of material Q235A leaves 16Mn material.

Hopper bottom 3, separator pipe flanges, should pay attention to when using pneumatic and solenoid valve control are different.

4, separator hopper design should pay attention to sufficient capacity designed hopper volume to calculate the cycle time of the projectile, and increase the safety factor of 1.2-1.5, avoiding low circulation condition of the projectile.

5, double separator device hopper shot two separators to be considered balanced, increase the spiral or duct.

6, do not have independent power (usually shared and hoist) separator of screw shaft, in addition to attention to the screw axis of Rotary and drum sieve inside and outside line to the external rotation of the spiral blade, should also improve the direction of rotation of the machine, calculate the separator for spiral rotation direction, check the separator for spiral rotation direction is correct.

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