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Crawler Shot Blasting Machine

Crawler Shot Blasting Machine called chain plate shot blasting machine, suitable for cleaning not afraid of the collision of small and medium-sized castings, because the structure is mainly a positive and negative operation of the metal chain plate, with a left and right disc, forming a cast Of the concave space, shot blasting machine from the top of the space to spray steel balls, you can achieve the cleaning and strengthening of parts, steel balls and cleaning materials from the link between the gap and the link plate on the empty flow, to achieve recycling.


As the use of steel chain plate, the operation of steel castings and steel chain plate collision occurs, resulting in relatively large noise, easy to cause fatigue and interference with the surrounding environment, while some of the more soft copper and aluminum parts are also easy to be steel chain Board bruises. So, the first in China Qingdao special tape production areas, rubber shot blasting machine crawler came into being, please refer to the diagram:


Compared with the steel chain plate track, the rubber shot blasting machine track has the advantages of low product cost, simple assembly process and quick replacement, but the more important advantage is that the rubber has high elasticity, almost no noise during use, Metal parts in the rubber track rolling will not produce bump damage, quality assurance, so the rubber track in the past to replace the metal track with the momentum.


As the manufacturers of shot blasting machine more, the size of each will be different, so the selection need to pay special attention, we must look at the machine manual, in accordance with the instructions, if necessary, to the track production plant consulting, because the professional track Production plants are generally equipped with various types of shot blasting machine track and technical specifications and inventory.

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