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Crawler Shot Blasting Machines Are Suitable For Use In All Industries

Crawler-type shot blasting machine is the use of high-speed rotation of the impeller, the projectile to the roller continuously flip the workpiece, Crawler Shot Blasting Machine to clean up the purpose. It is suitable for use in various industries in the small castings, forgings, stamping parts, gears, springs and other pieces of sand, rust, remove the scale and surface strengthening, especially for fear of collision parts cleaning and strengthening.

(Note: The machine can not clean the high temperature parts, with flash burrs, otherwise it will damage the track.)

Crawler-type shot blasting machine is a comprehensive domestic and foreign technology, design and development of new products, is a clean effect, compact structure, low noise, complete sets of good cleaning equipment, has the following characteristics:

1, Crawler Shot Blasting Machine the machine uses a motor straight pull type efficient shot blasting machine, with high shot blasting efficiency, long life, simple structure and so on;

2, the use of wind selection separator, with a good separation effect and high productivity, improve the life of the blasting blade;

3, the use of bag filter, dust emission concentration lower than the national standard, to improve the workers' labor environment;

4, the use of wear-resistant rubber track, reducing the impact of the workpiece, damage, reducing the noise of the machine;

5, Crawler Shot Blasting Machine after the workpiece is cleaned up, can automatically discharge, reducing the labor intensity of workers.

Crawler-type shot blasting machine running debugging:

1, before the test operation must first familiar with the use of crawler shot blasting machine instructions in the relevant provisions of the equipment structure, performance to do a comprehensive understanding;

2, crawler shot blasting machine must first check before the start of the fasteners are loose, Crawler Shot Blasting Machine and the lubrication of the machine is satisfactory;

3, the crawler-type shot blasting machine requires a correct assembly, before starting the parts, motors and other single-action test. The rotation of the motor should be correct, the hoist belt should be moderate elastic, no deviation phenomenon;

4, Crawler Shot Blasting Machine should check the motor no-load current, bearing temperature rise, reducer, shot the amount of whether the move to normal, found the problem should be promptly identify the reasons for adjustment.

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