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Crawler-type Shot Blasting Machine Has Long Service Life Characteristics

Crawler-type shot blasting machine is a high strength wear-resisting rubber track or manganese steel crawler loading workpiece. It uses the high speed revolving impeller, throws the projectile to the chamber body the workpiece, achieves the cleaning goal. It is suitable for small castings, forgings, stampings, gears, springs and other parts of the sand cleaning, derusting, Crawler Shot Blasting Machine removal of oxidized skin and surface hardening, especially for the collision-resistant parts cleaning and strengthening.

Crawler-type shot blasting machine mainly by cleaning room, shot blasting device assembly, screw conveyor, hoist, separator, supply pill system, electrical system, dust removal system and other components. Applicable to all kinds of forging heat treatment or metal parts such as shot peening treatment, Crawler Shot Blasting Machine can be used on a single machine or wiring. Its application is very wide, mainly foundry, heat treatment plant, motor factory, machine tool parts factory, bicycle parts factory, power plant, auto parts factory, motorcycle parts factory, non-ferrous metal die-casting plant. After the shot shot treatment, the workpiece can be very good material quality, Crawler Shot Blasting Machine can also become metal parts surface blackening, blue, passivation and other processes of the former process, but also for electroplating, paint and other finishing to provide a good base surface. Crawler Shot Blasting Machine The workpiece can reduce the tensile stress and refine the surface grains, which will strengthen the workpiece surface and increase its service life.

Crawler-type shot blasting machine working principle: In the equipment cleaning room to add a specified number of workpiece, then start the machine, the workpiece will be driven by the drum, began to flip in the body, at the same time shot blasting at a certain point of high speed ejection of steel sand, evenly thrown on the surface of the workpiece, so as to achieve the cleaning, strengthen the effect of the workpiece. Crawler Shot Blasting Machine After the cast of steel sand will leak in the track of the gap in the bottom of the steel sand filter, Crawler Shot Blasting Machine from the screw conveyor into the hoist, through the elevator to the separator in the separation. After separation and treatment of steel sand will continue to use, is an efficient, environmentally friendly ideal equipment.

Crawler-type shot blasting machine is suitable for small castings, forgings, stampings, springs and other parts and heat treatment workshop clean thin Wall, afraid of collision parts surface of the sticky sand, Crawler Shot Blasting Machine oxide skin and other attachments, can also be used for some parts surface hardening treatment (can not directly clean up high-temperature parts, long and long, with burrs, flying edge pieces, otherwise easy to damage track).

Crawler-type shot blasting machine is a good cleaning effect, compact structure, small noise, complete sets of good cleaning equipment, with the following characteristics:

1, the machine adopts cantilever centrifugal shot blasting device, Crawler Shot Blasting Machine which has the characteristics of long service life and simple structure.

2, adopt the Be-type full screen curtain wind separator, with good separation effect and high productivity, to improve the blade life has a positive role.

3, the use of wear-resistant rubber track, reduce the impact of the workpiece damage phenomenon, Crawler Shot Blasting Machine reduce the noise of the machine.

4, the use of pulse dust collectors, dust can be collected by dust collectors in the collection of dust or exclude outdoor, you can improve the working environment of workers.

Working process: After adding a specified number of workpieces to the cleaning room, the machine starts, the workpiece is driven by the drum, starts to flip, at the same time throws the shot projectile to form the fan beam, evenly blows on the workpiece surface, thus achieves the cleaning goal, Crawler Shot Blasting Machine throws the projectile and the sand grain through the rubber track small hole, flows into the bottom steel screen sieve, Through the screw conveyor into the hoist, the lifting machine refers to the separator in the separation, dust from the fan to the dust collector, through the dust remover, can periodically remove dust in the dust box. Crawler Shot Blasting Machine Waste sand from the waste pipe outflow, users can be recycled. The mixture of the blast sand is recycled into the chamber body by the return pill tube, and the separator is separated and then used, and the clean projectile is supplied by the electromagnet for the shot gate into the shot blasting device.

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