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Double Hook Shot Blasting Machine With High Production Efficiency

Double-hook shot blasting machine compact structure, small size, no pits, easy loading and unloading, transport and installation and debugging to adapt to a wide range.

Double-hook shot blasting machine using a new type of shot blasting with big shot and Gao speed can remarkably improve the cleaning efficiency and obtain satisfactory quality of cleaning.

Double-hook shot blasting machine using two curved blade straight-shot shot blasting device, cleaning efficiency, good effect, energy-saving strong.

Adopt curtain Wind to select the type of pill sand separator, Double Hook Shot Blasting Machine the separation effect is good, thus enhances the shot-blasting device in various vulnerable parts of the orders.

The hook has three kinds of functions, such as lifting, walking and indoor rotary circumference.

Double Hook Shot Blasting Machine The gate of the body and the gate of the pellet are automatically opened by the electromagnetic clutch, which is suitable for small enterprises and saves energy investment.

The door is well sealed to ensure the safety and environmental hygiene of the workers without flying projectiles.

Machine electrical power Total capacity is small, Double Hook Shot Blasting Machine general enterprise installation use can not be increased, convenient for users.

It can be used for a long time to achieve the ideal state of the ground without pill. The top hook of the chamber is provided with a metal sealing device to completely eliminate the flying phenomenon of the steel shot and is technically reliable. It solves the problem that the rubber board of the cleaning machine has a short life and is difficult to overhaul.

, the use of large shot blasting volume, Gao shooting speed, Double Hook Shot Blasting Machine the international fourth generation of cantilever centrifugal high efficiency shot blasting device, can significantly improve the cleaning efficiency, shorten the time, improve production efficiency, Double Hook Shot Blasting Machine to obtain satisfactory quality of cleaning.

The projection schematic diagram, the shot peening chamber body and the general diagram are computed by computer-aided design (CAD), Double Hook Shot Blasting Machine and the layout of the shot peening device is made more reasonable. By design and calculation, the utilization rate of projectile is improved, the cleaning effect is ensured and the wear of the panel is reduced.

The workpiece in the room can be preset time to achieve positive, reverse rotation automation.

Production efficiency up to $number min/Hook. 14. Dust catcher adopts high-efficiency cyclone.

Introduction to the features of double-hook shot peening machine

1 double-hook shot blasting machine with no ground pit structure, easy installation, reduce investment costs.

2 compact structure, high efficiency, good cleaning quality, safe and reliable work, stable operation.

3 Double Hook Shot Blasting Machine clean room using high chromium manganese plate, wear-resisting, impact resistance, good strength.

4 double hook structure, independent work, each other, the production efficiency is high, the use of the hanging with the planetary principle, the rotation of the revolution at the same time, Double Hook Shot Blasting Machine the processing of the workpiece does not exist yin and yang surface.

5 Two-level dust removal (cyclone dust, cloth canister filter), large suction, dust filtration clean, air emissions in line with environmental standards.

6 assembly rigorous, high-quality bearings, Double Hook Shot Blasting Machine motor running noise low.

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