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Drum Type Shot Blasting Machine Used In Automobile Manufacturing Industry

Drum-type shot blasting machine is a use of high-speed projectile projectile has reached the casting parts, forging parts and other surface sticky sand and scale removal effect. Roller type shot blasting machine in the actual types of workers can be divided into five kinds: 1. Crawler type drum shot blasting machine Crawler drum type shot blasting machine suitable for large and medium-sized production of the surface cleaning and strengthening of the workpiece, clean up the workpiece must be a single Weight below 200kg casting and heat treatment, the machine can be used stand-alone, but also supporting the use. Applications: die casting, precision casting, precision forgings, such as cleaning, Remove the surface of the heat treatment pieces, castings, Roller Conveyor Shot Blasting Machine forgings. Spring reinforcement. Fastener rust and pretreatment. 2. Hook-type drum-type shot blasting machine hook-type drum shot blasting machine as a standard model of shot blasting machine, the maximum carrying capacity of 10,000 kg, this drum-type shot blasting machine production efficiency is very high, flexible The span is also quite large, is the ideal cleaning and strengthening equipment, mainly for a variety of medium and large castings, forgings, weldments, heat treatment parts of the surface treatment, including fragile and irregular shape of the workpiece. 3. Trolley type drum shot blasting machine Trolley type drum shot blasting machine is mainly suitable for small and medium-sized workpiece surface cleaning of the mass production, this specification is suitable for the engine connecting rod, gear, diaphragm spring, widely used in Casting and automobile manufacturing industry, with high production efficiency, good sealing effect, Roller Conveyor Shot Blasting Machine compact structure, loading and unloading parts to facilitate the technical content of high. 4. Steel pipe inside and outside the wall drum shot blasting machine using shot peening technology to clean the inner wall of the cylinder is a new type of network wall shot blasting machine, which mainly uses compressed air as a driving force, the projectile to produce a certain kinetic energy, The inner wall, when the cylinder is positioned in the spray chamber, the gun will automatically into the bottle, the gun in the cavity up and down to complete the bottle wall full range of jet cleaning, is the cylinder industry selection type. 5. Pavement drum type shot blasting machine Roller type shot blasting machine is the use of motor-driven shot wheel in the process of high-speed rotation of the centrifugal force and wind, a certain particle size of the pellet into the pills (can control the flow of the projectile) Accelerated into the high-speed rotation of the sub-round, in the centrifugal force, the projectile from the sub-ball round window thrown into the directional sleeve, and then through the orientation of the window (to control the direction of throwing pill) thrown by the Roller Conveyor Shot Blasting Machine high-speed rotation The leaves are picked up and continue to accelerate along the length of the blade until they are thrown, throwing the projectile to form a certain fan-shaped stream, the impact of the work plane plays a role in cleaning and strengthening. And then the projectile and dust, impurities together through the rebound room to the top of the hopper. Automatic backflush dust collector can be through the compressor to provide anti-blowing air automatically separated each filter. Finally, the inside of the machine through the matching vacuum cleaner air cleaning, the pill and clean down the impurities were recovered, and make the pill can be reused. Drum-type shot blasting machine with a dust collector, can be clean and pollution-free construction, both to improve efficiency, but also to protect the environment.

Roller drum type shot blasting machine advantages

1. Roller Conveyor Shot Blasting Machine The use of the popular pit-free form, saving the foundation pit construction costs

2. Shot blasting chamber and shot blasting device layout are determined by computer three-dimensional dynamic simulation after the simulation, so that the coverage of the projectile area of the projectile coverage of the workpiece surface, the projectile at the same time throwing the workpiece from the workpiece in the direction of the surface The

3. The use of high ejection speed cantilever centrifugal shot blasting machine, can significantly improve the cleaning efficiency, to obtain a satisfactory clean-up quality

4. Machine design novel, compact, easy to use and maintenance

Roller drum type shot blasting machine operation

1. Truck in the following order: Dust Collector - Pusher - Hoist - Roller. The reverse order is the drum - the hoist - the thrower - the dust collector.

2. Parts of the load and specifications do not exceed the provisions of the amount, to prevent the parts are stacked in the throwing impeller;

3. Parts of the clean-up time, according to process requirements to decide;

3. Start before throwing, you must lock the drum door, so as not to iron wounds;

4. Always pay attention to the smoothness of the head, such as throwing vibration, should notify the maintenance staff to deal with;

5. Roller Conveyor Shot Blasting Machine According to the consumption of iron balls, often add new iron pill;

6. No sand castings, shall not be loaded into the drum to clean up, so as not to sand over sand, the impact of iron pellet separation and casting cleaning effect;

7. Do not open the door until the head and the drum are not stopped

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