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High Production Efficiency Of Hook Shot Blasting Machine

Hook shot blasting machine suitable for casting, construction, chemical industry, electrical machinery, machine tools and other industries, small and medium-sized casting, forging surface cleaning or strengthening treatment. Especially suitable for many varieties, small batch of castings, forgings and steel structure parts for surface cleaning and shot peening to remove the workpiece surface of a small amount of sticky sand, Hanger Shot Blasting Machine sand core and oxide skin, also suitable for the surface cleaning and hardening of heat treatment parts, especially suitable for the collision of the slender, thin-walled pieces of cleaning.

Hook shot Blasting machine is a comprehensive domestic and foreign advanced technology design and development of new products, it can remove the workpiece surface residue, rust, Hanger Shot Blasting Machine remove the internal stress of workpiece to increase the roughness of the workpiece surface to improve the adhesion of the finishing, so that the workpiece has a good appearance, improve the work of anti-corrosion performance.

The hook shot blasting machine consists of a shot blasting cleaning room, a hoist, a separator, a screw conveyor, a two shot peening assembly, a projectile control system, a hook walking track, a hook system, a rotation device, a foundation, Hanger Shot Blasting Machine a dust removal system and an electrical control part.

Main features of Hook shot blasting machine:

1. The use of no-pit structure, easy installation, reduce investment costs;

2. Compact structure, high production efficiency, good cleaning quality, safe and reliable work, smooth operation;

3. The hook has three functions, such as lifting, walking and indoor rotation.

Hook shot blasting machine has many advantages, we give you a brief introduction, mainly as follows:

1, hook shot blasting machine structure compact, small size, no ground pit, Hanger Shot Blasting Machine easy loading and unloading, transport and installation debugging to adapt to a wide range.

2, the use of a new type of shot blasting with big shot and Gao speed can remarkably improve the cleaning efficiency and obtain satisfactory quality of cleaning.

3, the machine uses two curved blade straight-shot blasting device, Hanger Shot Blasting Machine cleaning efficiency is high, the effect is good, energy-saving strong.

4, the use of curtain wind selection of sand separator, the separation effect is good, so as to improve the blasting device in various vulnerable parts of the orders.

5, the hook has its own take-off and landing, walking and indoor rotation around three kinds of functions.

6. The gate of the body and the gate of the ball are automatically opened by the electromagnetic clutch, Hanger Shot Blasting Machine which is suitable for small enterprises and saves energy investment.

7, the door around the sealing structure, to ensure that the work without flying projectiles, to ensure staff safety and environmental hygiene.

8, the total power of the machine is small, Hanger Shot Blasting Machine the general enterprise installation use can not be increased, convenient to users.

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