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High Production Rate Of Crawler-type Shot Blasting Machine

Crawler-type shot blasting machine is a good cleaning effect, compact structure, small noise, complete sets of good performance of the shot blasting machine equipment, it has the following three characteristics: 1, crawler-type shot blasting machine using cantilever centrifugal shot blasting device, with long service life, simple structure and so on. 2, adopt the Be-type full screen curtain wind separator, Crawler Shot Blasting Machine with good separation effect and high productivity, to improve the blade life has a positive role. 3, the use of wear-resistant rubber track, reduce the impact of the workpiece damage phenomenon, Crawler Shot Blasting Machine reduce the noise of the machine. The use of bag-type dust collectors, dust can be collected by dust collectors in the dust bucket or exclude outdoor, can improve the worker's working environment.

Crawler-type shot blasting machine applicable scope: Automobiles, motorcycles, bicycles, compressors, internal combustion engines, engines, sewing machines, cameras, lighters, Crawler Shot Blasting Machine machine tools and other parts, such as gears, hydraulic components, oil pump nozzle, needle class, blades, die castings, precision castings, machining, cages, bearings, valve valves, valves, chains, springs, spectacle frames, Crawler Shot Blasting Machine wind instruments tape recorder core textile machinery, Powder Metallurgy lock parts, electroplating parts, carburetor, shock absorbers, watches and clocks parts instrumentation equipment, electrical equipment, Electrical components daily hardware medical equipment, tableware, knives, toys, nib, decorations and other needs to deburring finishing all kinds of parts.

Crawler-type shot blasting machine is a high-pressure fan wind or water pump pressure to produce a strong stirring movement, so that the material in the water tumbling, Crawler Shot Blasting Machine the use of roller rotation and high-pressure spray to each other to achieve the special effect of cleaning. Structure characteristic and working principle the machine is composed of a frame, a water tank, a blower (water pump), Crawler Shot Blasting Machine a circulating flushing pump, a transmission part, etc., working with the presence of the wind (pressure) in the water and the fruits and vegetables churning violently in the water, cleaning water after filtration, Crawler Shot Blasting Machine from the circulation flushing pump pressurized to feed nozzle back, nozzle direction can be adjusted, the material by the nozzle spray high-pressure water to be washed again, and toward the exit direction drift, export disposal to scraper hoist, scraper hoist speed adjustable ( Adjust the scraper hoist speed to the required production capacity, will be rushed to the fruits and vegetables to the next process (according to user requirements in the export scraper hoist on the spraying tube, further spray). Can also be based on the user different materials, processing different lifting structure.

Crawler-type shot blasting machine functional use: Brush crawler-type shot blasting machine with an automatic sprinkler system, the material through the brush and brush, brush and the friction between the material to achieve the cleaning effect, debris, soil, hair, etc. will be discharged from the roll between the rollers. Brush Crawler-type shot blasting machine for a wide range of applications, small to peanuts, Crawler Shot Blasting Machine large to wax gourd, pumpkin can be cleaned, and suitable for radish, potatoes, sweet potatoes, yams, potatoes, ginger and other root crops, wax gourd, pumpkin, lentils, green peppers and other fruit vegetables, pig's hoof, pig's feet, chicken claw and other meat products, Puerarin, Rhodiola, ground ginseng and other Chinese herbal medicines and other products.

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