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Hook Shot Blasting Machine Clean Up Good Quality

Hook shot blasting machine has the following four characteristics advantages

1. Hook shot blasting machine with large shot peening, high ejection speed of the international fourth generation cantilever centrifugal shot blasting machine, Hanger Shot Blasting Machine can significantly improve the cleaning efficiency, access to satisfactory clean-up quality. The same time as

2. Hook shot blasting machine simulation map (including the type of shot blasting machine, the number and location of the space to determine the location, etc.) and shot blasting machine all the drawings are completely using computer-aided design (CAD) drawing, shot blasting machine selection And the layout is more reasonable. Hanger Shot Blasting Machine Improve the utilization of the projectile and labor productivity, Hanger Shot Blasting Machine to ensure the cleaning effect, reducing the wear on the room guards. The same time as

3. Hook shot blasting machine with a popular pit-free structure, both to save the pit foundation of the construction costs and time, but also to solve the South users due to pit storage of water caused by the lifting machine within the pill sand rust Agglomeration problem. The same time as

4. Hook shot blasting machine cleaning indoor hot zone with rolling Mn13 board protection, relative to the previous rubber plate protection, its service life greatly improved, Hanger Shot Blasting Machine and beautiful appearance, easy to replace, is the most popular cleaning machine room protection The

First, hook shot blasting machine features:

1. The machine uses no pit structure, easy installation, reduce investment costs;

2. Compact structure, high efficiency, clean up good quality, Hanger Shot Blasting Machine safe and reliable work, smooth operation;

3. Clean room with high chromium steel, wear-resistant impact, good strength;

4. Double hook structure, independent of each other, do not affect each other, Hanger Shot Blasting Machine improve production efficiency, the workpiece does not exist after the dark side;

5. Secondary dust (cyclone dust, bag filter), suction capacity, dust filter clean, Hanger Shot Blasting Machine air emissions in line with environmental standards;

6. Rigorous assembly, high - quality bearings, motor running noise at the end;

Shot blasting machine itself is a light industrial processing equipment, due to market economy reasons, the development has been very slow, the price is not too much floating. In order to meet the needs of the market, multi-functional, low-cost shot blasting machine began to occupy the market, Hanger Shot Blasting Machine although the overall profit point decreased, but with the new product development and production, the performance of more excellent shot blasting machine equipment, New price positioning for high prices, has occupied a certain market share.

Second, hook shot blasting machine Scope:

This machine is suitable for aluminum alloy die casting, zinc alloy die casting, magnesium alloy, copper casting, stainless steel precision castings, cast iron parts, Hanger Shot Blasting Machine motorcycle frame and steel products, surface cleaning,

(1) micro-burrs, surface residue, etc. of the cleaning machine.

(2) the workpiece surface coating, plating before the pretreatment processing, Hanger Shot Blasting Machine access to the active surface, improve the coating, coating adhesion.

(3) can increase or decrease the rough Ra value of the workpiece surface within a certain range.

(4) to change the stress surface of the workpiece surface can improve the wear resistance and fatigue strength of parts.

(5) is also suitable for renovation of old parts.

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