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Hook Type Shot Blasting Machine Advantages

1. big shot, a high toss velocity international advanced cantilever type centrifugal impeller, can significantly improve the quality of cleaning rate, access to satisfactory cleaning.

2. simulation of projectile and all drawings are completely shot blasting machine using computer-aided design (CAD) drawing, shot selection and layout more rational

3. use a popular pit structure-free form, savings of Foundation pit construction costs and time, solves the user caused by pit water corroded lumps of sand within the elevator problem. Hook lifting, running and Interior rotation features.

4. clean interior with high-chromium plate protection, greatly improved service life, beautiful appearance, easy to replace. Hook type shot blasting machine automatic: need blasting artifacts hang directly on the hook or hanger, artificial to the blasting room front traction systems, hook automatically into the blasting Chamber. After the hook into the blasting room, blast cabinets goalkeeper pneumatic closed, electric interlock, to avoid artifacts at the blasting room is blasting others blast cabinets door open by mistake. Hook into the blasting room at set intervals for reciprocating motion and rotation, make full ejection, reduce the ejection corner. Two indoor ejection hook, a hook shot, another hook handling artifacts. Blast processing times can be adjusted. After throwing stopped blasting room door opens, to bring in and out of the workpiece. Blast processing dusts emitted by two-stage dust collector filters. Hook type shot blasting machine applicable scope: aluminum die casting, zinc die castings, copper castings, stainless steel, cast iron parts, motorcycle parts and steel products for surface cleaning, polishing, strengthening.

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