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Hook Type Shot Blasting Machine Installation Steps

Hook type throwing pills machine in production factory by installation debugging Hou unloading split into several part transport to user using site again for installation, is no to pit, to note based firm, anchor bolt hole to specification, room body regulation Hou to II times watering, by solidification Hou to tight solid anchor bolt of nut, room body fixed Hou, to installation the Department work, following respectively introduced about parts of installation and debugging of note matters.

1, shot blasting machine:

The factory blast equipment has been installed in the Chamber, attention problems to be debugged first before using. View blades, impeller and directional and guard fixed locations are accurately and securely, check whether the direction of rotation of the power point. Then regulation directed sets opening of location, from theory will directed opening of front and leaves throws location of front angle for 900 around, fixed directed sets of location Hou, can detection about ejection with of location, its method is in hanging artifacts of location Shang face throwing pills device export put a Zhang plate or wood, started throwing pills device, to into pills tube into few (2-5kg) projectile Hou downtime, check plate Shang was combat of location whether for need, as collection Shang partial can adjustable directed sets of window down, instead Similarly, Until the suit so far, and note the redirect location, as a basis for later when you replace the redirect.

2, elevator and screw conveyor:

First of all no load test was carried out in order to check for correct lifting bucket and screw blade orbit, belt to the elastic tensioner lifter after moderate, avoiding misalignment and load test, check operation and transmission capacity, there is no strange noise and vibration, check and eliminate barriers.

3, blasting sand separator:

First check that the gate is flexible, then view the medium position is moderate, then load debugging upgrade machine, continuous steel shot into, cutting slot to see if steel shot flow scene from falling.

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