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Hook-type Shot Blasting Machine Long Service Life

Hook-type shot blasting machine suitable for casting, construction, chemical, electrical, machine and other industries, small cast, forging surface cleaning or strengthening treatment. Particularly suitable for multi-species, small quantities of castings, forgings and steel structures for surface cleaning and shot peening to remove the surface of the workpiece a small amount of sticky sand, sand core and oxide; Hook Shot Blasting Machine also suitable for heat treatment of the surface cleaning and strengthening ; Especially suitable for the collision should not be slender, Hook Shot Blasting Machine thin-walled pieces of clean-up.

Hook shot blasting machine

Has the following advantages:

1, the use of large shot peening, high ejection speed of the international fourth generation cantilever centrifugal shot blasting machine, can significantly improve the clean-up efficiency, access to satisfactory clean-up quality.

2, the simulation of the project (including the type of shot blasting machine, Hook Shot Blasting Machine the number and location of the space to determine the location, etc.) and shot blasting machine all the drawings are completely using computer-aided design (CAD) drawing, shot blasting machine selection and layout is more reasonable The Improve the utilization of the projectile and labor productivity, Hook Shot Blasting Machine to ensure the cleaning effect, reducing the wear on the room guards.

3, the use of popular no pit structure, not only saves the foundation of the construction costs and time, but also to solve the South users due to the pit of the water caused by the lifting machine within the pill sand rust agglomeration problem.

4, the use of 1 ton electric hoist hanging the work of the workpiece, Hook Shot Blasting Machine the hook has a separate walking track.

5, hook with lifting, running and indoor rotation function.

6, clean indoor use of manganese steel plate protection, Hook Shot Blasting Machine relative to the previous rubber plate protection, its service life greatly improved, and beautiful appearance, easy to replace, is the most popular cleaning machine room body protection.

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