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Hook Type Shot Blasting Machine Maintenance

This machine is a high velocity projectile impact the surface with the operations of the force wear of equipment, high speed projectile when flying with the potential to hurt or damaged buildings around the glass. Therefore, in order to ensure safety, establishment of a system of regular inspection and maintenance is very important.

(1) always check the anchor nut loose should be fastened in a timely manner.

(2) always check the hoist belt is too loose or deviation, unusual should adjust and tighten.

(3) always check the impeller blades, wear of the impeller, directed sets, when the thickness of the blade wear 2/3, 1/2 average worn impeller window width, wear the directional window width increase 15mm, both should be replaced.

(4) always check the screw conveyor, when 20mm blade diameter wear and should be replaced.

(5) regular checking and cleaning of pill sand separator screen debris, when screens wear should be replaced immediately.

(6) on a regular basis in accordance with the lubrication system cleaning add or replace lubricants.

(7) always check cleaning interior trim wear, such as wear-resistant hard plate rubber plate is worn or broken, it should be replaced immediately.

(8) regular cleaning of equipment scattered around the projectile, so operators slip and fall injuries.

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