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Hook-type Shot Blasting Machine Production Efficiency

Hook Shot Blasting Machine is mainly used for medium and small castings and structural parts of the shot blasting. Through the shot blasting, not only can remove the surface of the workpiece corrosion, scale, sand, etc., but also can reduce the workpiece internal stress, Hook Shot Blasting Machine improve the work of anti-fatigue strength. Especially for fear of collision of thin-walled parts of the surface cleaning or strengthening more appropriate.

Hook-type shot blasting machine main features are:

1, using a pit structure, easy installation, reduce investment costs.

2, compact structure, high production efficiency, Hook Shot Blasting Machine clean up good quality, safe and reliable work, smooth operation.

3, with more throwing, thereby improving the efficiency of cleaning up.

4, the hook has its own movements, walking and indoor rotation three functions.

work method:

The workpiece hanging on the spreader, with electric hoist or electric car will be sent to the studio, close the door after the clean-up, Hook Shot Blasting Machine the workpiece in the shot blasting room rotation or small shift, so that the workpiece by the uniform shot.

Hook-type shot blasting machine Scope:

Hook-type shot blasting machine, the cycle of operation, the workpiece hanging with throwing, not collision; equipment reliable, affordable. Hook Shot Blasting Machine Especially for a variety of hanging can be a small castings, steel components, aluminum die casting.

Widely used in various types of machinery, automobiles, rolling stock, ships and so on. Industry for small and medium-sized castings and forgings steel surface treatment or strengthening treatment, for rust, finishing, improve the surface condition of the workpiece, remove the internal stress, to extend its service life.


1. Particularly suitable for non-collision of the workpiece, such as gear cleaning and strengthening.

2. The shape of the workpiece to facilitate the hanging shape, Hook Shot Blasting Machine more varieties at the same time production.

3. High production efficiency, equipment failure rate is low, cost-effective.

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