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Hook Type Shot Blasting Machine To Improve Production Efficiency

Hook Shot Blasting Machine This technology not only less environmental pollution, and low production costs, will bring good economic and social benefits, Hook Shot Blasting Machine and hook shot blasting machine shot blasting technology can completely replace the wire straight Rust process.

- hook-type shot blasting machine machine design concept novel, easy to use and maintenance.

- hook shot blasting machine hook with lift, walking, indoor rotation function.

- The machine has a fault automatic detection device, the use of advanced Swiss + GF + production technology, so that the machine has advanced structure, reasonable design, reliable operation, high production efficiency.

- The use of advanced rubber plate labyrinth seal (connecting rod mechanism), the sealing effect is good.

Hook type shot blasting machine

1, check the hook shot blasting machine shot blasting machine is intact.

2, mainly to see the effect of cleaning, accessories into the hook shot blasting machine shot blasting chamber after the treatment effect is good, and this throwing angle, shot blasting speed and so have a relationship.

3, hook-type shot blasting machine should check the material is durable.

4, see the cylinder welding is fine enough.

5, Hook Shot Blasting Machine boot the sound of vibration and dust removal effect should also see, do not only achieve the cleaning effect but the workshop workers can not stand.

6, hook shot blasting machine shot blasting room is durable, see what materials do.

7, see hook shot blasting machine use time, the more time to use is certainly the better.

8, Hook Shot Blasting Machine check the integrity of the various parts, whether the lack of accessories.

Characteristics of hook shot blasting machine

1. Hook Shot Blasting Machine The machine uses no pit structure, easy installation, reduce investment costs;

2. Compact structure, high efficiency, clean up good quality, safe and reliable work, smooth operation;

3. Clean room with high chromium steel, wear-resistant impact, good strength;

4. Double hook structure, independent of each other, do not affect each other, improve production efficiency, the workpiece does not exist after the dark side;

5. Secondary dust (cyclone dust, bag filter), suction capacity, dust filter clean, air emissions in line with environmental standards;

6. Rigorous assembly, high - quality bearings, motor running noise at the end;

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