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How Should The Noise Of The Blasting Machine Be Solved?



    Blasting machine is a kind of mechanical equipment, sandblasting machine can make the mechanical properties of the surface of the performance changes. Many enterprises have a very good use of sandblasting machine. However, in the course of the use will inevitably have some problems arise. Such as noise. Sandblasting machine noise has become a problem of interference, sandblasting machine noise should be how to solve it?

    First, the enhanced seal. Blasting machine in the long-term use of the process, the sealing performance is bound to decline. How to enhance the seal has become a key issue. Material selection is very necessary. If you want to enhance the sealing performance, then you must choose a relatively thick material plate, so the performance of the seal can be greatly improved.

    Second, the motor configuration. The motor is a key part of the noise, the motor can be added to the configuration when the muffler, muffler increase to a certain extent, can be a good way to reduce noise, so as to achieve the purpose of silencing.

     Third, the height of the plant set. Plant settings should be more extensive, this can be conducive to the proliferation of sound, to eliminate the purpose of noise.


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