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How To Deal With Shot Blasting Machine Projectile Circulation System Is Poor


Shot blasting machine in the course of the operation will often encounter some problems, such as shot blasting machine projectile circulation is poor, then encounter this situation how to solve it? Shot blasting machine in the projectile system by the feed screw, hoist, separator, projectile control system, hopper and other parts.


Shot blasting machine barrels of the poor circulation generally have the following possibilities:

1, the elevator belt relaxation, resulting in belt slip;

2, projectile storage warehouse loopholes, so that the amount of projectile circulation to reduce;

3, projectile recovery scraper wear, projectile tube due to projectile jam and block;

4, drum screen impurities in too much, blocking the sieve, affecting the projectile sieve;

5, screw conveyor stuck.


By checking the above several possibilities, and then ruled out the final shot blasting machine caused by the reasons for the poor circulation, and then the corresponding method to solve it.


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