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Maintenance Of Roller Type Shot Blasting Machine

Drum-type shot blasting machine using high-speed rotating impeller to throw the projectile in the rollers of the casting or forging, to clear the surface of the residual sand or oxide, clean evenly, high productivity, suitable for medium and small casting and forging workshop to clean up to 30 kilograms of smaller pieces.

Roller-type shot blasting machine with rotating cylinder as the delivery device of the casting. According to the relative position of the roller axis and the horizontal plane, Roller Conveyor Shot Blasting Machine the operation method is different, this kind of equipment can be divided into the following horizontal roller type, tilting roller type and so on.

The intermittent operation, the structure is simple applicability wide, the efficiency is not high, the noise is big, the loading and unloading labor intensity is big, suits the single piece small batch production the medium and small workshop clean up as well as the shape simple, Roller Conveyor Shot Blasting Machine does not fear the collision little and long piece.

The roller type shot blasting machine comprises a chamber body frame and a shot blasting cleaning chamber fixed on the chamber body frame, the shot blasting cleaning chamber is provided with a shot blasting device, and the screw conveyor is fixed in the horizontal direction at the bottom of the chamber body frame, Roller Conveyor Shot Blasting Machine and a connecting pill box is also fixed on the body frame, and the shot box is connected with the shot-blast cleaning chamber and the screw conveyor respectively, The screw conveyor front end is connected with a hoist which is arranged along the vertical direction, and the upper part of the hoist is connected with the feeding port of the separator, Roller Conveyor Shot Blasting Machine and the discharging port of the separator is connected with the feeding port of the shot blasting device through the inlet pipe. The use of the shot peening function effectively on the surface of the workpiece processing, at the same time, after the workpiece is processed, can be easily and quickly separated from the workpiece and the steel pill clean, not for the back-road process to bring trouble.

Roller-type shot blasting machine as a common equipment of shot blasting machine, Roller Conveyor Shot Blasting Machine equipment is often used, it needs a certain maintenance:

1, Annual maintenance:

(1) Overhaul all motor bearings, (2) Check the lubrication of all bearings, and add new grease: Check the corrosion of the air cylinder guide pipe and the internal wall oil accumulation, Roller Conveyor Shot Blasting Machine if the corrosion is serious, then replace, if more oil, then cleaning; (3) Replace or weld the inner guard plate of the ejection area, (4) overhaul the dust remover, if the breakage is replaced, Roller Conveyor Shot Blasting Machine If the sticky ash is much cleaning.

2, Quarterly maintenance:

(1) Check the motor, sprocket, fan, the tightness of the screw conveyor's fixed bolt and flange connection; (2) Check the bearing, the electric control box's good condition; (3) Replace the new high speed lubricating grease for the bearing of the main bearing seat of the shot-peening device, (4) Check the wear of the abrasion resistant plate of the shot blasting device

3, monthly maintenance:

(1) Check whether the transmission part is running normally and lubricate the chain, (2) Check the wear and fixing of the blower and duct, (3) Roller Conveyor Shot Blasting Machine Check the fixing condition of the bolts at each part connection.

4, Daily Maintenance:

(1) The abrasion of wear parts in roller-type shot blasting machine, and replace it in time; (2) whether the signal of the control station is working properly; (3) whether the status of the limit switch is normal, (4) cleaning the dust on the Electric control box, (5) Roller Conveyor Shot Blasting Machine The fixed bolts on the motor of the shot blasting machine and the blasting machine are loose; (6) whether there is any leakage in the dedusting pipe, Filter bag dust or broken, (7) Whether the door is closed, (8) The filter in the separator with the accumulation of materials and timely removal, (9) The electronic control of the ball valve is closed; (10) The wear of the shot peening indoor guard plate.

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