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More And More Sandblasting Houses Are Being Used In Large-scale Projects

The sandblasting room is mainly used for the cleaning of the surface of the workpiece with complex structure, and the removal of the oxidized skin.

It can be in the original state of the steel surface with a strong shot, remove the spot rust layer, Sandblasting Room sticky sand and oxide skin, etc., so that it obtains a certain smoothness of uniform metallic luster surface, in order to remove stress, improve the quality of metal surface finishing and anti-corrosion performance.

Sandblasting room is mainly composed of cleaning chamber body, chamber silo, screw conveyor, bucket hoist, separator, shot peening device, workpiece conveying system, lighting system, dedusting system, electrical control system, gas source and other parts. Sandblasting Room The structure and functions of the sections are described below:

1, clean room body: The chamber is welded by the steel plate, externally with the reinforcement, to ensure the solid sand blasting room. The exterior is made of rock wool sandwich board, which is strong in structure and can reduce noise. The wall lining of the sandblasting chamber has wear-resisting rubber skin, Sandblasting Room protect the body wall from the projectile to prevent the projectile from injuring the person; both sides of the room and the back end of the chamber are provided with a walking platform to clean up the work; The platform uses an active hinge connection, which can be lowered to increase the operating space when the workpiece is too large or not needed. Sandblasting Room In the room body Inlet has two doors, when the workpiece enters the chamber body carries on the blasting, will the gate closes, reduces the noise, and prevents the dust and so on pollution. The room body dedusting Tuyere is set up by the principle of "feeding and suction", so as to accumulate the dust airflow to the lower part to increase the visibility of the operator.

Sandblasting room environment is definitely not need to protect dust can directly work, manufacturers and manufacturers spend a large price to produce dust separation system is not to profit, just want to reduce the risk of personnel, seemingly for money, actually people-oriented. In modern industry and construction, Sandblasting Room more and more sandblasting houses are applied to large-scale projects and large-scale manufacturing and production, sandblasting room no matter what type there is a certain probability of dust generation, this is unavoidable, many businessmen and researchers are trying to solve this problem, to some extent, The significance of solving this problem is not only to reduce the cost, but also to the workers responsible for sustainable development and environmental protection. Sandblasting room dust, dust removal system what is it? Sandblasting room dust is mainly produced by the work of the abrasive composition, Sandblasting Room and there will be a certain amount of dust. The earliest dust removal equipment is ventilation, a powerful ventilation system can dye small dust with the ventilation pipeline is discharged from the workshop and work place, while the larger particles are separated and aggregated by the separation system and sent out through the transmission system. Sandblasting Room And in the treatment of gas, sandblasting room unique gas separation system will be harmless gas separation directly out, and the presence of dust or harmful part of the movement through the processing and then discharged. Or the dust is directly made into the recovery of raw materials. In the separation of waste and abrasive, usually with magnetic magnetic poles, by deflecting the size of different components of the impurity, on the one hand to achieve the effect of dust removal, on the other hand, the recovery and reuse play a role.

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