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Non-stick Pot Of Kitchen Products Into The Thousands Of Households Stainless Steel Kitchen Sandblasting Machine


      With the national information technology continues to move forward, non-stick pot of kitchenware products gradually into the tens of thousands of households, the market that ordinary kitchen products have been very little or eliminated, instead of the emerging technology is designed non-stick pan Series of products, and by the consumer's welcome.

      The so-called non-stick pan that cook will not stick pot bottom pot, because the bottom of the pot with a non-stick coating, common Teflon (Teflon) coating and ceramic coating. As Teflon coating is a chemical coating, so in terms of health as pot and 304 stainless steel pot.

     "Non-stick pan" the advent of people's lives to bring a great convenience, people do not have to worry about cooking meat when accidentally burned, fried fish when the fish stick on the pot wall. This non-stick pan and the appearance of ordinary pot and nothing, just only in the inner surface of the pot coated with a layer of polytetrafluoroethylene, the use of PTFE excellent thermal properties, chemical properties, easy to clean performance And non-toxic performance made of this popular kitchen utensils.

   Polytetrafluoroethylene is known as "plastic king" has a good resistance to chemical corrosion and aging resistance, "aqua regia" is also difficult to corrosion. Ordinary plastic products prone to aging phenomenon, the original looks very good things, after three or five years or ten years will produce cracks, and even broken, can be "plastic king" made of products placed in the outdoor, despite the sun and rain , Twenty or thirty years without any damage. Which is widely used in life and chemical.


Qingdao Yoshikawa Machinery Co., Ltd. Sandblasting machine function:

1, surface processing:

Metal oxide, carbide black, metal or non-metallic surface rust removal, such as gravity die-casting mold, rubber mold oxide or off agent removal, ceramic surface black spots, uranium color removal, painting rebirth.

2, landscaping processing:

All kinds of gold, K gold jewelry, precious metal products of the extinction or matte treatment, crystal, glass, ripples, acrylic and other non-metallic matte surface processing and can make the surface into a metallic luster.

3, etching processing:

Jade, crystal, agate, semi-precious stones, seal, elegant stone, antique, marble tombstones, ceramics, wood, bamboo and other etching art.

4, pre-processing processing:

Teflon (TEFLON), PU, rubber, plastic coating, rubber drum (ROLLER), electroplating, metal spray welding, titanium and other treatment before the surface adhesion increased.

5, burr processing:

Bakelite, plastic, zinc, aluminum die-casting products, electronic parts, magnetic core, etc. to remove.

6, the stress to eliminate processing:

Aerospace, defense, precision industrial parts, rust, in addition to paint extinction, renovation and other stress relief processing.

7, electronic parts processing:

Silicon chip matte and etching, wafer back impurity removal, electronic parts package overflow rubber, finished product printing surface removal, ceramic electric cleaning

8, mold processing:

The mold surface of the sandblasting, mold bite after the fog surface treatment, line cutting die, glass mold, tire mold, conductive rubber mold, shoe mold, bakelite mold, electroplating mold, key mode, plastic mold.

9, the processing of large work:

Large parts such as oil tank, chemical tank, hull, copper, metal hull, container, automobile industry, such as rust, paint, maintenance and large flat glass automatic matte treatment.

10, Glass processing:

A variety of process glass sandblasting.


    These and spray processing equipment, combined with the technology, so that the use of non-stick pan better, more reassuring, and Yoshikawa mechanical spraying processing has the following technical characteristics:

      1. Substrate material is not restricted, can be metal and non-metallic, can be sprayed in a variety of matrix materials;

      2. Sprayable coating material is extremely wide, commonly used carbide, ceramic, metal, graphite and so on;

     3. The temperature of the matrix material during spraying is small and does not produce stress and deformation.

     4. Operation process is flexible and convenient, not limited by the shape of the workpiece, easy construction;

     5. Coating thickness range of 0.01 mm to 5 mm;

     6. Coating performance and diverse, can form wear-resistant, corrosion resistance, heat insulation, oxidation, insulation, conductive, radiation and other special features of the coating;

     7. Strong adaptability and good economic benefits.


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