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Operational Considerations For Hook Type Shot Blasting Machine

The machine operation, strict procedures, not chaos and in reverse order, or prone to mechanical or electrical accidents.

1, switch programs:

(1) start the fan and the rated speed.

(2) start the elevator with the screw conveyor motor.

(3) the hanging hook of the workpiece into the House.

(4) the automatic rotation of the workpiece.

(5) close the Chamber door and locked, interlocked with the throwing trip switch access, allowing blast

Is started.

(6) start the two impeller, and reach the rated speed.

(7) the starting gate for pills and start Cleanup job.

(8) until the allotted time, cleaned up, and close the gate for pills.

(9) close the impeller motor and wait for it to stop.

(10) the hook stalled.

(11) elevator with the screw conveyor is stopped.

(12) to open the door and hook out outdoors, check the cleaning quality, if qualified, remove the workpiece, if not qualified, then returns the body according to the above procedures apply to boot and then clean up time.

(13) to turn off the fan.

(14) If you hook the workpiece need to constantly clean up job, elevators and conveying screw motor and fan can be kept, other programs repeatedly, until completed.

2, notes:

(1) φ 600x1100mm extent to make the work in full, this required according to the workpiece size and shape appropriate design and manufacture a variety of slings, so that can give full play to pill projectile with efficiency, while reducing the projectile on the powerful body guard against wear.

(2) hooks into the indoor Center, must be in place, close the door and oppression of another switch, start throwing, while ensuring the safety of operation and maintenance, and the projectile with full use.

(3) often view gate for pill projectile beam is full, shot the inadequate storage, should be promptly added.

(4) found that throwing too much vibration and abnormal noise, should be immediately shut down, check whether the impeller blades have uneven wear and tear or rupture, should replace symmetry of the two pairs of leaves.

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