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Road Blasting Machine Improves Skid Resistance Of Pavement

Road shot blasting machine is the use of motor-driven shot wheel in the high-speed rotation process to produce centrifugal force and wind, a certain particle size of the projectile into the pill tube (can control the flow of projectiles) will be accelerated into the high-speed rotation of the split pill wheel, under the action of centrifugal force, the projectile from the shot wheel window thrown into the directional sleeve, Road Shot Blasting Machine and then through the directional set of Windows ( Control the throwing direction of the ball, the blade is picked up by the high speed rotation, and continuously accelerates the movement along the leaf length direction until throws, throws the projectile to form certain fan-shaped flow beam, the impact work plane plays the clean-up enhancement function. Then the projectile and dust, impurities together through the bounce chamber to the storage hopper above. The high power precipitator separates the pellet and the dust through the separating device above the hopper, and the pellet enters the hopper to continue to use, and the dust enters the dust catcher through the connecting pipe. When the dust enters the dust catcher, Road Shot Blasting Machine the separation of the filter, stays in the ash bucket and the surface of the filter. Automatic anti-blowing dust remover can be provided by the compressor through the back-blown air automatic interval cleaning every filter. Finally, in the machine through the matching vacuum cleaner air cleaning, the pill and the cleaning off impurities are recycled, and the pill can be used again. Shot blasting machine equipped with dust remover, Road Shot Blasting Machine can be done without dust pollution-free construction, not only improve the efficiency, but also protect the environment.

The main working uses of the road blasting machine are five points

1. The road blasting machine is used to improve the roughness and friction coefficient of asphalt pavement, so as to improve the adhesion of road surface to ensure the safety of driving. At the same time, the adhesion of asphalt pavement (such as fuel, oil, etc.) also nowhere to escape, Road Shot Blasting Machine so can improve the skid resistance of the road;

2. Anticorrosion coating of steel deck in China, the application of shot peening technology in anticorrosion coating of steel bridge is not to be denied. Most of the bridges that are under construction and have been constructed will choose to use the shot peening process for cleaning and roughness treatment of the surface before conducting anticorrosive primer or other spraying, cross-Bay Bridge using the road shot blasting machine, shot peening process steel deck can be achieved SA2.5/SA3 steel plate cleanliness requirements, Road Shot Blasting Machine and can control the roughness, To meet the user's coating requirements, the whole process is dust-free operation, mobile convenience. Both environmentally friendly and convenient.

3. Tunnel maintenance in China, in the light of waterproof and material fire resistance and oil resistance considerations, the tunnel in general use of cement concrete. However, it also puts forward a higher requirement for the skid resistance of long tunnel pavement. For the above two kinds of problems still difficult to solve in our country, shot peening technology is a simple construction, equipment input small, Road Shot Blasting Machine effective and environmentally friendly treatment method.

In the concrete bridge deck waterproof paving, the shot pill craft already is the European and American country Craft specification request, in China also is being accepted gradually, uses the shot pill craft to carry on the maintenance to the concrete road surface. 4. Preventive maintenance of airfield runway

The use of road shot blasting machine to the concrete and asphalt track on the tread, marking removal problem becomes easy and easy. In addition to tire traces (except rubber), removal of marking, recovery and increase of airport runway surface roughness, improve the runway friction coefficient, etc. Road Shot Blasting Machine are the treatment range of road shot blasting machine. And in the processing process, with ease, road shot blasting work is more orderly.

5. Municipal Roads and Paving roads

All kinds of road paving in the city can be cleaned by shot blasting machine, the mark marking of road surface is removed, and the road surface can be brushed and the roughness and friction coefficient will be improved. Reduce the problem of road construction. Therefore, Road Shot Blasting Machine the auxiliary role of road shot blasting machine to urban construction is a step by step to standardize and facilitate our life.

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