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Road Shot Blasting Machine Is Widely Used

Asphalt road shot Blasting machine is also called Road shot blasting machine, is through the mechanical method to the ball material at a high speed and a certain angle to the surface of the work, so that the pill material impact on the surface of the road, to make the surface roughness and remove the residue of the effect, Road Shot Blasting Machine while the negative pressure of the dust remover will be the ball material and the cleaning of impurities such as dust recovery after the air cleaning, good pellets will be automatically recycled, Road Shot Blasting Machine and impurities and dust will fall into the Dust collection box. The road shot blasting machine is made up of the shot blasting motor, electric box, drive motor, separator, distribution box, shot blasting device, wind pipe, frame, lifting caster, moving caster and so on. In the construction of asphalt pavement, the road shot blasting machine has a very important role, and the use of a wide range of increasing, then the road blasting machine for asphalt pavement what role?

The use of road blasting machine:

1, the road blasting machine can clean up the asphalt pavement, the asphalt pavement to play the wool at the same time improve the friction, Road Shot Blasting Machine reduce the vehicle skidding accident, etc.

2, road shot blasting machine can change the road signs, remove the old Mark line to draw new signs;

3, the road blasting machine can remove the airport surface of the tire printing, cleaning will be very neat and beautiful;

4, road shot blasting machine can also be on the surface of the ship and the surface of the plate to remove oxidation, rust and rough treatment, Road Shot Blasting Machine to meet the anti-corrosion coating or heavy anti-corrosion coating pretreatment requirements;

5, road blasting machine can also be used in tunnel maintenance, small equipment and environmental protection;

6, road blasting machine is a good road cleaning tools, Road Shot Blasting Machine when used not affected by the weather;

7, non-curable waterproof construction before blasting treatment, can solve the waterproof base hard empty drums, sand, cracks, loosening, dust, uneven and other defects.

We know that road shot blasting machine is widely used as a kind of cleaning machine in pavement, how to operate the road shot blasting machine.

The correct start-up steps of the road blasting machine

1. Turn on the vacuum cleaner.

2, determine the valve handle in the "close" position Press "control on" walking, press "throwing pill open", shot blasting device to start, observation ammeter, in the shot blasting motor to start the need for a larger current, until the motor reached a certain speed, when the motor reached the rated speed, Road Shot Blasting Machine the current will be reduced to no load current state.

3, set the direction of walking "backward", equipment to walk, and then walk speed adjustment button to set the speed of the equipment walking.

4, when the concrete surface cleaning, only when the machine to walk, Road Shot Blasting Machine you can open the valve, otherwise a very short time will be thrown on the surface of the concrete pits.

Second, the correct shutdown steps of the road blasting machine

1, safely close the valve handle.

2, open the walking kneading handle, walking motor stop.

3. Press the red "control off" button.

4. After a few minutes, press the "fan off" and "compress off" on the vacuum cleaner.

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