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Rough Surface Leveling

The coating consists of crystals or grains, and the size, shape and arrangement of the crystals determine the structural properties of the coating. In a variety of electrolytes, a variety of metal coating structure characteristics are different, mainly due to the different deposition process. At the beginning of the plating, the surface of the base material did not cover a layer of metal, but produced a number of subtle small points, which is the crystallization of nuclear, as time increases, the number of individual crystals increased, they are connected to each other to form a coating.


Crystalline nuclear growth process, depending on the characteristics of the base metal and operating conditions vary, mainly in the following cases. If the crystallization starts, the resulting crystal nuclei are many, and all continue to grow, forming fibrous crystals and are arranged vertically on the cathode surface. For example, in the fluoride and sulphate solution, the electroplated nickel coating is this Kind of situation. Such as the beginning of the formation of the crystallization of the crystal nucleus only part of the growth, there will be two cases.


① crystal nucleus was a single long needle (dendritic) form to the anode direction. For example, it is the case that a tin plating layer is plated in a sulfate and a rice compound, a silver plating layer plated in a silver nitrate electrolyte, and a lead plating layer plated in a siloxane electrolyte.

② crystal nuclei in three directions are uniform growth, due to the growth rate of the crystal nuclei are different, the result of a large crystal nucleus will be small crystal nucleus squeeze out to form more and more thick conical crystal. Copper plating in copper sulfate electrolyte is this type of copper coating.


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