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Safe And Reliable Operation Of Hook Shot Blasting Machine

Hook shot blasting machine suitable for casting, construction, chemical industry, electrical machinery, machine tools and other industries, small and medium-sized casting, forging surface cleaning or strengthening treatment. Especially suitable for many varieties, small batch of castings, Hanger Shot Blasting Machine forgings and steel structure parts for surface cleaning and shot peening to remove the workpiece surface of a small amount of sticky sand, sand core and oxide skin, also suitable for the surface cleaning and hardening of heat treatment parts, Hanger Shot Blasting Machine especially suitable for the collision of the slender, thin-walled pieces of cleaning.

Hook shot Blasting machine is a comprehensive domestic and foreign advanced technology design and development of new products, it can remove the workpiece surface residue, rust, Hanger Shot Blasting Machine remove the internal stress of workpiece to increase the roughness of the workpiece surface to improve the adhesion of the finishing, so that the workpiece has a good appearance, improve the work of anti-corrosion performance.

Equipment: Hook shot blasting machine by the shot blasting cleaning room, hoist, separator, Hanger Shot Blasting Machine screw conveyor, two shot blasting device assembly, projectile control system, hook walking track, hook system, rotation device, foundation, dust removal system and electrical control components.

Hook shot blasting Machine features:

1. The machine adopts no ground pit structure, convenient installation and reduced investment cost.

2. Compact structure, high efficiency, good cleaning quality, safe and reliable work, smooth operation;

3. Clean room using high chromium steel plate, wear-resisting impact, good strength;

4. Double hook structure, independent work, not affect each other, Hanger Shot Blasting Machine improve production efficiency, after processing the workpiece does not exist dark side;

5. Second-class dust removal (cyclone dust, bag filter), large suction air, dust filtration clean, air emissions in line with environmental standards;

6. Assembly rigorous, high-quality bearings, motor running noise bottom;

Hook shot blasting machine applicable scope:

This machine is suitable for the surface cleaning, Hanger Shot Blasting Machine light decoration and strengthening of aluminum alloy die castings, zinc alloy die castings, magnesium alloy, copper castings, stainless steel precision castings, cast iron parts, motorcycle frame and steel products parts.

(1) Cleaning machine parts of micro-burr, surface residues and so on.

(2) The workpiece surface coating, plating pretreatment processing, Hanger Shot Blasting Machine can obtain the active surface, enhances the coating, the coating adhesion.

(3) The rough RA value of the workpiece surface can be increased or reduced within a certain range.

(4) Changing the stress state of the workpiece surface can improve the wear resistance and fatigue strength of the parts.

(5) Also suitable for the renovation of the old parts of the treatment.

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