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Sandblasting Room Has Stable Performance Characteristics

The main characteristic of Sandblasting house is that the operator is indoors in the process of sandblasting. Protective clothing and helmets can prevent the operator from being subjected to abrasive shocks, and the ventilation device provides fresh air for the operator through a helmet.

Sandblasting room is mainly used for large parts or the use of automatic sandblasting equipment to deal with very expensive parts. The nozzle manipulator installed in the sandblasting room can spray sand on the surface of the parts automatically, and the area which is difficult to be reached by sandblasting can be completed by manual sand blasting. This has not only maintained flexibility, Sandblasting Room but also reduced the number of sandblasting operator requirements.

Abrasive transport is another highlight of the device design. Sandblasting Room In addition to the well-known need for a very small installation depth of flat-type transmission of the ground, DISA in the screw conveyor and vibration cross lattice abrasive transmission technology has an extremely rich experience. Open sand Blasting is generally used for large workpieces.

Sandblasting Room by the housing, electric shutter door, full curtain separator, the whole room dust collector, chimney, fan, dust collection device, sandblasting mainframe, bucket elevator, transverse screw conveyor, conveying system (user-owned), pit steel structure, electric control system, lighting system, Sandblasting Room air-conditioning type sandblasting service, fixed working platform and other components.

Sandblasting Room has the following advantages:

1, without the design and production of complex foundation, saving the foundation construction costs, greatly saving the cost of the project;

2, do not need a lot of abrasive accumulation in the recovery spiral, abrasive recovery is high, easy to change the abrasive;

3, the main electrical components are imported products, with stable performance, safe and reliable, long service life, simple maintenance and other advantages;

4, sandblasting room with high visibility in the body, Sandblasting Room the room natural wind, save energy consumption;

5, the use of two-stage dust removal, the first stage of cyclone separator, the second stage with filter dust system, the total dust removal efficiency of up to 99.99%;

6, in the sand blasting room front roof, with "sound and light alarm system", in the sandblasting room, with emergency stop call button;

7, each system electronically controlled by interlock control, Sandblasting Room when one of the system failure, the relevant systems are stopped working, spray gun Stop spray;

8, the housing body uses the architectural decoration design, Sandblasting Room the appearance is concise, beautiful, the standard, the noise reduction effect is good, and installs conveniently.

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