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Shot Blasting Machine

Shot blasting machine is the use of iron pills to the high-speed rotation of the disc, using the effect of centrifugal force, steel shot hit the surface of the high-speed throws, achieve the purpose of polishing, shot blasting surface compressive stress function which enables parts, and there is no Silicon-containing powder, less environmental pollution.

Shot blasting machine main uses are as follows:

① shot blasting machine part surface compressive stress can improve their ability to fatigue strength and resistance to stress corrosion;

② shot blasting machine to correct the distortion of thin-walled parts;

③ shot blasting machine technology instead of cold and hot forming, processing of large thin-wall aluminum parts can not only avoid parts of the surface residual stress and compressive stress that can be obtained is good for parts. Should pay attention to is: shot blasting machine processed part temperature must not be too high, or compressive stress will disappear automatically in high temperature, thus losing the desired effect. They use temperatures up to parts of the material used for General steel parts about 260-290 ℃, aluminum parts only 170 ℃.

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