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Shot Blasting Machine Principle

Shot blasting machine is relying on high-speed rotating wheel abrasive particles onto the surface to achieve, wheels inside with a few leaves.

When abrasive through the inlet into the wheels of the Central, on wheels Central has a rotate with the wheels of the impeller, impeller is directed outside, the impeller through targeted sets of abrasive's opening to the blades on the end near the wheel Center. Due to centrifugal force effect accelerated abrasive particles along the length of the blade direction until you reach the top of the blade hit the surface at a high speed.

Impeller is used to abrasive according to certain requirements to properly "Hello" on the blade, open impeller if excessive wear, abrasive will hit the blade end, resulting in non-normal wear blade, abrasive divergent flow will be no rules. Therefore, in accordance with the instructions required to regularly check the wear of the impeller and the timely replacement of wear of the impeller.

Directional opening location decisions of feed to abrasive impeller blade location. Opening on the directional shape affects the divergence of abrasive shape and size of the hot spot. So-called hot spots, even a regional divergence abrasive on the surface concentration of abrasive, which is caused by the uneven distribution of abrasive on the leaves. Adjustable directional positioning can wear appropriate mediation of the opening, work under guarantee wheels in good condition.

Wheel blades in direct contact with the abrasives, wheels and its quality performance.

Blade wear directly determines the blade life and shot blasting machine running costs, therefore, wheel blades are made of high wear-resistant materials are used. Leaves the wear resistance in addition to the leaf material-related outside and shot blasting machine working conditions have a close relationship. For example, 1% in the abrasive sand, blade life will be shortened by 80%, it was said that separation of life determines the life of shot blasting machines, that is not enough.

Blades worn or cracking attempt to vibration of the impeller is rotating at high speed. Therefore, you should always check the blade intact and problematic blades must be promptly replaced. In order to guarantee the stability of running wheels, blade replacement must be carried out in pairs, that is, out of the blade relative to the blade must be replaced, to get a good balance. If you suspect that faulty blade caused wheel is not working properly, you need to change all the blades of all.

The casting defect will accelerate wear on the blades of the blade, when using abrasive chilled cast iron pills do when the situation is even more serious. Blades for wear analysis concluded that the presence of casting defects of the blade will make the abrasive particles bouncing phenomenon occurred during the campaign, abrasive particles of the bounces, in turn, cause erosion to the blade, which leaves the wear. If there is sand in abrasive, would aggravate the wear on the blades.

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