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The daily operation point of q326 crawler shot blasting machine

1, All the machine operator, must explain to this principle, performance and operation method, lubrication, etc have a comprehensive understanding, can operate. 

2, the projectile (200 ㎏) inclusion within the cylinder, then add the artifacts, close the door before, ready to drive. 

3, start, dust removal fan. 

4, will be shot time relay to the selected time the shotblast cleaning, in order to start the hoisting machine, roller is turned on, hopper rises, landing, the door closed, shot blasting machine, for the pill gate, began to clean up the workpiece, the reach regulation after cleaning up of time, for the pill gate, hoisting machine, roller forward and dust removal fan stop in turn. Use one of the impulse type dust catcher, press the back switch, then shut down. 5, shot blasting machine completely stopped, press roller reverse button, the material can be discharged automatically. 

6, in case of an emergency, can press stop button, and immediately stop all work.

 7, all the work has been completed, should be timely close the dust collector.

8, in the ventilation and dust removal system, equipped with two butterfly valve adjust two butterfly valves according to the circumstance, can get good separation effect.

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