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The Main Functional Components And Working Principle Of Steel Shot Blasting Machine

Clean room

Clean up the room for a large cavity plate box welding structure, the inner wall of the chamber body is lined with ZGMn13 wear protection board, cleaning in the cavity of the seal. Clean the indoor wear resistant plate with a wear-resistant cover casting nut bolt connection, the protection of the bolt head is not easy to damage, easy disassembly and replacement.


The table is divided into indoor roller conveying and loading and unloading section conveying roller.

The indoor roller coat high chromium wear-resistant sheath and a spacing ring, high chromium wear-resistant sheath for protection under projectile impact roller, a spacing ring, can make the workpiece according to the position of a predetermined operation, prevent deviation, caused by the accident.


The upper and the lower belt wheel adopts the spherical ball bearing with a square seat, which can be adjusted automatically under the impact of vibration.


Pill sand mixture by the elevator to the separator, the pill dust mixture evenly cloth, forming a curtain through the seam in the airflow through the curtain curtain perpendicular to the flow direction, to wash the dust pill. The projectile, according to the different proportion of mixture and waste, respectively fall into different channels, passing through screw conveyor pure projectile into the hopper, shot blasting machine for use. The mixture is not separated into the elevator to re separation; fine dust is sucked into the dust removal system, the purification process of the net gas discharged into the atmosphere, granular dust is captured collection.

The separator has a good separation effect. After separation, the sand content of the pure qualified projectile is <1%, and the qualified bullet quantity in the waste material is <1%.

Screw conveyor

The spiral conveyer is mainly composed of a motor, a screw shaft, spiral shell.

The ball bearing with square seat is used to automatically adjust the bearing to the vibration impact.

Pellet delivery pipeline

The transport pipeline has a dual control function of pill pill, each tube is provided with a top gate, were cut off from the separator of the projectile, convenient maintenance blasting each other; the gate open size, can adjust the projectile flow, can also according to the specifications of any combination of cleaning work, the number of opening and closing the gate, in order to save energy, reduce wear on the machine, and ensure to meet production needs.

Shot blasting machine

The single disc blasting technology introduction disamatic company, to become a high level of today's domestic shot, the pink of perfection. The utility model is mainly composed of a rotating mechanism, an impeller, a shell, a directional sleeve, a pill wheel and a guard plate, wherein, the impeller is made of Cr40 material, and the blades, the directional sleeve, the pill wheel and the guard plate are all made of high chromium

Purging device

The device adopts the high pressure fan in the chamber, and the auxiliary chamber part is provided with a plurality of elastic different angles of the blowing nozzle on the surface of the workpiece, the remaining projectile is blowing up.

Import and export seal

The import and export of sealing device, adopts rubber spring steel plate, in order to prevent the shot when the projectile flying out of a clean outdoor workpiece in the import and export each to establish multi-channel strengthen seal, characterized by strong elasticity, long service life, good sealing effect.

Dedusting system

The system consists of bag type dust collector and fan, dust removal pipeline and so on. Removal efficiency of 99.5%, with GB162971996 "integrated emission standard of air pollutants" requirements, and in accordance with the GBJ473 discharge of industrial waste water standards. The bag life of 1 to 2 years, reducing the cost of equipment, reduce maintenance and repair costs, and have higher dust removal effect, the dusty air, after the dust removal system after directly discharged to the air to discharge into the atmosphere of the dust concentration is less than or equal to 100mg/m without other purification equipment. The dust collecting pipe is designed and manufactured according to the coordinates provided by the user。

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