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The Mechanical Polishing Utilizes A Fine Abrasive Of The Polishing Wheel And The Polishing Paste


The mechanical polishing utilizes a fine abrasive of the polishing wheel and the polishing paste. The parts are slightly cut and ground to remove the fine surface of the matrix material to achieve the purpose of improving the surface finish. Mechanical polishing is carried out on a polishing wheel coated with a polishing paste, which is different from polished, and no obvious metal chips are cut. It is generally believed that the high temperature produced by the friction between the high-speed rotating polishing wheel and the surface of the metal product can cause plastic deformation of the metal surface and fill the fine surface of the metal surface. In addition, the high temperature generated during polishing causes the surface of the metal product to form a very thin layer of oxide film or other compound film, and continue to be thrown, and continue to form a smooth and shiny surface.


Mechanical polishing can be divided into rough throw, throwing and polishing. Roughing is the use of hard wheels on the substrate surface polishing, it has a certain grinding effect of the substrate, can remove the coarse wear marks; in the cast is a hard polishing wheel on the rough surface of the rough for further processing , It can remove the rough throwing left scratches, resulting in a medium bright surface; fine polishing is the final polishing program, with a soft wheel polished to obtain a mirror-like bright surface, the grinding effect of the substrate is very small.


Polishing wheel is made of all kinds of cotton, fine felt, leather, specialty paper and other materials made. The polishing wheel for coarse grinding is sutured; the polishing wheel for fine polishing is non-sutured.


Polishing paste is made of fine particles of abrasive, a variety of oils and auxiliary materials made of. Polishing commonly used in polishing paste with white polishing paste, red polishing paste and green polishing paste. White polished sound, alias white oil, is the use of high purity calcium oxide and magnesium oxide, plus some adhesive (such as stearic acid, paraffin, etc.) made of solid soft, white or milky white, abrasive Round, small and not sharp, long-term storage Easy weathering, for nickel, aluminum, copper and its alloys and other soft metal polishing and low surface roughness requirements; red polishing paste, alias red oil, by the It is a kind of deep red cylindrical solid ointment with moderate hardness, mainly used for polishing of medium hardness materials such as steel products. Green polishing paste, alias green oil, From a small amount of chromium oxide plus a small amount of alumina, white mud and plastic agent from the preparation, for the dark green rectangular paste, abrasive hard and sharp, suitable for polishing hard alloy steel and chrome layer.

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