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The Working Principle Of Crawler Type Shot Blasting Machine

Then the metal material in the production process, crawler-type shot blasting machine can play a very good role, you because of his polishing and grinding, and the effect of cleaning, can make the metal to maintain a bright appearance, and have wearable Use degree.

Crawler-type shot blasting machine plays an indispensable role in the production, he is in our country is a cleaning effect is good, and there is no noise cleaning equipment, usually used in some, a large number of production surface rust or strengthen Of the parts, the crawler-type shot blasting machine is a high-strength wear-resistant rubber track, or manganese steel crawler loading workpiece, Crawler Shot Blasting Machine which uses high-speed rotary impeller, the projectile to the indoor workpiece to clean up the purpose, Crawler Shot Blasting Machine so its use Must have a professional staff to operate, so as to bring a safe production environment.

Because of the crawler type shot blasting machine, often contact with some high-strength metal parts, so its wear resistance in particular can play a very good effect, in the process of cleaning up, not only to make the metal surface to play a very clean Role, in addition to the metal cross-section of the burr, but also can play a polished effect, frequent use, it will not make the machine wear situation, Crawler Shot Blasting Machine but usually in the course of the use of regular maintenance it, This will not only improve the efficiency of production, for the mechanical life can also be increased.

Crawler type shot blasting machine has the following characteristics and uses:

Crawler-type shot blasting machine for small castings, forgings, stamping parts, springs and other parts and heat treatment workshop to clean up the thin wall, Crawler Shot Blasting Machine fear of collision parts surface sticky sand, oxide and other attachments can also be used for some parts of the surface to strengthen the treatment.

(Can not directly clean the high temperature parts, slender oil mill, with burrs, flying pieces, or vulnerable to track)

The machine is a clean cleaning effect, compact structure, low noise, Crawler Shot Blasting Machine complete sets of good cleaning equipment, has the following characteristics:

● The machine adopts cantilever centrifugal shot blasting machine, which has the characteristics of long service life and simple structure.

● The use of BE-type curtain curtain air selection pill sand separator, Crawler Shot Blasting Machine has a good separation effect and high productivity, to improve the leaf life has a positive effect.

● wear rubber track, reducing the impact of the workpiece damage, reducing the noise of the machine.

● The use of cyclone or bag filter, dust can be collected through the dust collector in the dust or remove the outdoor, you can improve the workers working environment.

Crawler type shot blasting machine working principle and structural performance:

Crawler type shot blasting machine mainly has cleaning room, Crawler Shot Blasting Machine shot blasting machine, hoist, separation system, dust removal system and other components.

working principle:

In the cleaning room to join the provisions of the number of parts, the machine starts, the workpiece is driven by the drum, began to flip, while the shot throwing high-speed projectile to form a fan-shaped beam, evenly hit the surface of the workpiece, so as to achieve the purpose of cleaning The projectile and sand particles through the rubber track on the small holes, into the bottom of the steel mesh screen, Crawler Shot Blasting Machine the screw conveyor into the elevator, the elevator mentioned in the separator for separation, dust from the fan to the dust collector In the dust exclusion, can be regularly removed dust box into the dust. Waste sand from the fertilizer pipe out, the user can be recycled. Marble mixture from the back to the tube recovery into the room, Crawler Shot Blasting Machine to be separated after the separation of the separator, a clean projectile from the solenoid for the pill into the throwing machine throwing the workpiece.

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