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Working Principle Of Tracked Shot Blasting Machine

We all know that crawler shot blasting machine in the use of high efficiency, but the cost of power will be a corresponding increase, then what is the composition of his internal parts?

It is known that the price of stainless steel pills is not only the average people just look at the surface, in fact, as long as you shot long-term use of shot blasting machine, Crawler Shot Blasting Machine the use of cast steel balls with stainless steel pills cost, comprehensive consideration or stainless steel pill low,

Part of the track-type shot blasting machine is the first common crawler-type shot blasting machine, is a small shot blasting cleaning equipment, mainly by the cleaning room, shot blasting machine assembly, hoist, separator, electrical system and other components The Crawler shot blasting machine works:

In the shot blasting room to join the provisions of the number of parts, the machine starts, shot blasting machine high-speed steel shot to form steel shot bundle, evenly hit the surface of the workpiece, so as to achieve clean, strengthen the purpose. Throwing steel balls and sand, into the hoisting machine, Crawler Shot Blasting Machine lifted by the hoist to the separator for separation. Dust from the fan suction to the filter in the filter, clean air into the atmosphere, the dust on the bag by mechanical vibration into the dust collector at the bottom of the dust box, the user can regularly remove the waste sand from the waste pipe out, the user Reusable. Marble mixture from the re-take back into the room, to be separated after the separation of the separator, Crawler Shot Blasting Machine clean steel balls from the electromagnetic valve for the shot into the shot blasting machine, crawler-type shot blasting machine.

For the general configuration of the relatively high manufacturers, many manufacturers due to higher environmental requirements, the use of filter-type dust collector, and the use of three dust, so that the dust effect is also guaranteed for the wear life of the equipment is also an enhanced, For the track-type shot blasting machine using ordinary cast steel balls and stainless steel balls between the shot blasting machine manufacturers or the proposed use of stainless steel balls, not only long life and shot blasting machine accessories life is also long: track, Crawler Shot Blasting Machine shot blasting machine Accessories, leaves, directional sets, sub-pill round, impeller, pressure ring, and so on.

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